You’re Engaged! What Next?

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You’re Engaged! What Next?

Once the question has been popped and the ring is sitting proudly on your wedding finger, the following days feel consumed with admiring gazes down at your hand and congratulatory embraces from friends and family. A more contenting feeling is hard to find. But what happens once the last drop of bubbly has been drank and the next phase of engaged life commences? Once you’re engaged, what’s next? Let’s break down the first five steps of wedding planning you should be taking care of.

1. Insure that glorious ring of yours

It’s your new prized possession and is valuable in more ways than one. Make sure you’re covered for any unfortunate eventuality that may rear its ugly head, either through homeowners or sole policy insurance. It may also be the case that you need an official appraisal before the ring can be insured, so be prepared for some paperwork!

2. Set a date

It will seem like before your cheek muscles even have time to stop aching from all the cheshire cat grinning you’ve been doing, people start throwing the “when’s the big day?” question your way. Start your wedding planning by setting a ballpark date or even month; it will give your friends and family something to look forward to as well as you to work towards and start tailoring your bigger decisions around.

3. Swoon

A bride can never immerse herself in too many wedding publications. It’s a fact. Allow yourself to get swept away in countless wedding magazines, blogs, fairs and anything else that will continue to contribute to your ‘wedding planning fever’. Creating your own Pinterest board, scrapbook or wedding blog is also a great way to collate all the fabulous pieces of inspiration in one place.

4. Get a diary

“The venue is available on these dates, but the dress I want won’t be ready until then, and my mum’s on holiday during that month…” Keeping track of dates such as calendar conflicts, fittings, tastings and viewings can make you feel like you’re drowning (in a lacy, floral pool, but drowning nonetheless). Grab yourself a calendar or wedding planning app to keep on top of what’s what.

5. Start a savings account

Even the most simplistic of weddings require money, and sometimes even more than you might expect. Before you can start your wedding planning checklist, decide on a budget and set up a savings account in which to add an agreed amount every week/month. Having an allocated fund coming out of one pot will be your peace of mind saviour.

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