Why a country wedding beats a city wedding

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Why country weddings beats city weddings

Choosing your wedding venue is no easy task. From location and size to style and character, there are so many attributes to consider. Where city venues can provide a brilliant setting for a magical day, country weddings are our proud lifeblood in which we are held in high regard.


Let us explore five reasons why country weddings are better than those of their urban relatives’.


More space

Suburban settings generally bring with them more square footage and as a consequence allow for a freer flowing, dynamic day and integration of different activities. For example, in a city wedding all guests generally stay inside for the duration, whereas at a countryside wedding you are able to offer the option for a firepit time out in between dances.


Better Value

As you’d expect from a city vs rural comparison, you’ll find more for your money the further out of the concrete jungle you travel. A countryside wedding allows for less of a chunk out of your budget and more space and funds to expand your guestlist or allocate costs to another aspect.  


An Escape

Breathing in fresh country air and feeling springy grass under your feet is a luxury for many. Bringing your party somewhere off the beaten track grants a placid and relaxing break from life and gives you and your guests a quality break from the 9-5.


Can be more bespoke

Suburban venues are often much more flexible with the bride and groom’s vision for the day and are less likely to throw unjustified costs at you for them. Often being independently owned, there’s no ‘power that be’ governing every fine detail, and so the team working with you is more likely to be empathetic and cooperative with your requests.


Hotels for guests

The price difference between a charming countryside B&B and a mass duplicated city hotel is held significantly in favour of the former. Allow your guests a well deserved restful night’s sleep before and after your big day at a cost that won’t leave them with tears in their eyes. What’s more, the value and setting of rural rest stops are likely to spur more people to stay for longer celebrations if you’re wishing to stretch the party out for an extra day or two.


More character

Allow yourself to get swept up in a fairytale with a stately home or other history-drenched venue. Your wedding is one of the few days in your life that you’ll have the opportunity or cause to carried away in a whirlwind or romantic grounds, mosaic floors and ceilings as high as the clouds, so why choose an inner city hotspot similar to one you could visit every day?


Countryside weddings – romantic, bespoke, character filled and generally absolutely gorgeous. Give you and your guests a break from reality and bestow upon them a magical experience and a day that you and them will  remember for the rest of their lives.


The city’s always waiting for you when the day is over.

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