Wedding Floral Trends with The Floral Lounge

wedding flowers

Wedding Floral Trends with The Floral Lounge

The floral accompaniments to your wedding day are up there as one of the most theme and ambience cementing components.

With colours, volume and type coming into play and ceding possibly unknown  connotation to your day, it’s important to know the facts before parting with any cash. With this, we’ve interviewed one of Rise Hall’s most adorned wedding florists, Sarah Nicholson, owner of The Floral Lounge, to give us the lowdown on floral trends as well as some top tips for choosing your blooms….

Q: What are the most popular blooms/combinations you’re seeing this year?

A: Muted/pastel, dusky shades are popular this year. Milky tones with beige/latte/apricot and soft blushes do seem to be a trend. One of the most staple key flowers in the majority of my weddings are Roses. I can see why – they’re extremely pretty, romantic, scented and come in array of colours, sizes and types! Roses are a keen favourite mixed with other large blousy blooms like Dahlia & a selection of smaller key filler flowers like Astilbe, Micromyrtus, Wax Flower and Nigella.


Q: What are the most popular blooms/combinations you’re seeing this summer?

A: With pantone announcing Green as the colour of the year too, foliage and greenery has been making more of an appearance. Populus Eucalyptus is a firm favourite for brides due to its flat grey matte leaves, the natural curve of the stem and subtle berries that create texture. French Ruscus also a popular one – smaller leaves but can be glossed up to be lovely dark and shiny. Peonies are a summer favorite of mine and I particular love the cross over in seasons when ranunculus are still available and can be combined with these beauties!


Q: How and why do flower trends change seasonally?

A: Changing seasons is the exciting part about floristry – as one particular flower comes to an end – another beauty will come in! Late summer/ autumn weddings are also growing more popular. I’m finding merlot red tones a trend people are using at that time of year to add warmth but still teaming it with blush pinks/peach or lemon colour pallet to lighten and give a softer feel. You can get sumptuous red Dahlias at that time of year I in particularly love to work with them.


Q: What are the traditional flowers for each season?

A: traditional flower brides are still in love with is Gypsophila – (Pippa middleton had this for her flowergirls!) However, I do find a lot of people can be put off by the scent if overused. English Gypsophila is very pretty and a little different too, also Wax flower has a lovely scent  (another of my favourites!) it looks fabulous mixed with gypsophila or on its own as a substitute.

wedding flowers
Photography credit: Dominic Wright Photography

Q: How and where can brides get inspiration for their wedding flowers?

A: Inspiration can be taken from absolutely anything around you! I am keen when meeting my Brides and Grooms for the first time to get an idea of their likes, dislikes their favourite flowers, dresses, suits and venue as this all plays a part on their designs (Pinterest is also a great source for inspiration and creating ‘virtual mood boards’).


Q: What are you loving about floral trends right now?

A: At Rise Hall I personally like a loose garden style in the ballroom with lots of foliage spilling & trails. Bringing elements of the outside in flows really well with the ginormous trees & fields you can see from the Ballroom doors. It also contrasts well against the cream walls.


Q: Should wedding flowers be timeless or can they be a bit quirky?

A: I think floral designs should represent and compliment the bride and groom’s style. After all, it’s their wedding and so should play a key role whether that be quirky, traditional, timeless, simple, country, elegant or colourful!


Q: What is your top piece of advice for anybody choosing their blooms for the day?

A: Advice to brides would be to choose flowers that are in peak season – this is when they are the most beautiful and usually best price too! Don’t get to hung up on specific colours  for example to keep things too monochromatic to match up exactly for instance). As light and shade can in particular enhance an arrangement, as can bringing in secondary colours too! Also, although making sure your flower designs match your style is key, make sure these match and compliment with the venue too! Flowers knit all of your other wedding choices together and I feel that it is really important that it flows through beautifully from the buttonholes to the table centres. Also, my other top tip would be to book your florist early. We are booking 2/3 years in advance (especially on Summer dates) and this would be my advice if you love any supplier in the wedding industry! A deposit secures the date, so even if you are still at the early stages of planning, the finer details can be done at a later date.


With hundreds of floral combinations to be had, choosing the one which is right for your day can be tricky and confusing. Stay true to your personal style, do your research, book in advance and be realistic in order to reach blossoming heights.

wedding flowers
Photography Credit: Dominic Wright Photography

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