Wedding cake 101

Wedding cake 101

Your wedding cake is most possibly the most bespoke, unique and personally representative aspect of your wedding day. With the varied range of shape, sizes, colours and flavours that exist, moulding one to the taste of your day and of your relationship can be a daunting task. Let’s explore the top ways to keep your wedding cake planning sweet. Here’s our wedding cake 101:

  1. Start early. Your cake choice will be heavily influenced by your venue choice and colour scheme, so as soon as you have established these it’s time to start putting your mind to tiers and tastes and start immersing yourself in websites and magazines before looking for your star baker who you think will match your vision.
  2. Chat to your venue and with family and friends to get some recommendations for the person who will be constructing your delicious masterpiece. Alternatively, attend some wetting fayres to meet a few prospects in the flesh and view and taste some of their showpieces in person.
  3. Once you’ve got a few bakers in your sights, exchange emails or have a phone call to discuss the ingredients they work with and whether they have experience creating the style of cake you’re envisioning. For example, some bakers are more specialised in their creations (e.g. just only work with buttercream) whilst others offer a wider variety of styles. Whimsical? Geometric? Romantic? Rustic? Glamorous? Chat it through, request a portfolio and commence step four…
  4. When you’re more clued up on who is able to meet your requirements, organise meetings to discuss pricing, timelines, designs, size and also to have a tasting. During these meetings be sure to ask questions like is there a delivery cost and if there are ingredient alternatives (if required).
  5. Once you’ve secured your chosen baker and established that your requirements and vision align, it’s time to get down to the nitty gritty in terms of securing a design and dimensions. Your baker should be able to discuss various options for this which will also keep your budget in check. Share with him/her any sketches or moodboards that you feel represent your vision before allowing them to pull together the final visionary representation for you to sign off.
  6. Once the aesthetics are locked down, you can start exploring the ingredients and flavourings. Be aware that some bakers charge extra for ‘premium flavors and fillings’, so ask for clarity on these from the off. Ask for your baker’s input on flavour combinations and don’t be afraid to think outside of the box either. Fabulous fusions exist aside from the safe and commonplace vanilla and red velvet, so be sure to explore options in great detail before signing it off.

It’s delicious, it’s exciting and it speaks volumes about your big day. From initial ideas all the way through to icing ideas, take your time with evolving your wedding cake ideology and use all resources you have on offer to discuss and explore the look, size and taste that works for you. The cutting will feel oh so much better when you know how much fine tuning attention to detail it has been allotted.

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  1. Sally Jones says:

    I am about to book Rise Hall to get married – I’d love a cake that really stood out – do you have ideas we can talk about to be really quirky?

    • Rebecca Glen says:

      Hi Sally, congratulations! We’d be happy to talk through some options with you when we go through your booking – we work with various different suppliers and am confident they could deliver something you’d love.

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