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Your wedding is likely to be one of the biggest, most significant and memorable days of your life. With many months of anticipation and meticulous planning having been devoted to the coming together of this celebration, you by no means want to scrimp and sacrifice the details which are going to put your day a peg above the rest, however you don’t want to be left penniless either. With this in mind, let us explore our top five budgeting tips to keep both your wishlist and bank account as happy as can be.

Aspects to save on:


  1. Invites

Rather than spending hundreds on tiered, 3D, lace lined wedding invites, take a bold step into the 21st century and send your invites out digitally. We’re seeing more and more couples having bespoke mailers built which are just as gorgeous but cost a fraction of the price of traditional invites. These also make for much more trustworthy RSVPs and concise logging of aspects such as menu choices.


  1. Flowers

Choosing seasonal blooms for your big day rather than ones which need to be sourced from overseas will leave you with beautiful, fresh bouquets at a price that doesn’t feel like a rose thorn to the thumb. Get in touch with your florist and let them know the time of year you’re getting married and colour theme of the big day – this way they will be able to advise on which flowers they’ll be able to locally source for you.


  1. Wedding Favours

The team here at Rise are huge fans of wedding favours and we love nothing more than to see all of the unique takes on this tradition that land on our tables. However, where we’re admirers of these delicate additions, they don’t need to cost an arm and a leg. We’ve seen a party receive a wonderfully presented bag of plant seeds and five years later the couple were even given the plant back as an anniversary present!


  1.  Cake

The Great British Bake Off bought with it a new breed of passionate bakers. Rather than go to a professional for a five-tiered triumph, why not take a personalised approach and ask some of your nearest and dearest to put their skills to the test and create an assorted dessert table? What’s more, because of the delicious range that this take on your wedding cake brings with it, this can also double up as the dessert course of your wedding meal.


  1. Gifts

Over recent years wedding gifts have taken on fabulous new digital forms, from online gift lists on sites such as Prezola, to digital donations towards your dream honeymoon on the likes of HoneyFund. So if your wedding fund has been slightly more stretched than anticipated, why not adopt a modern take to your gifting and request contributions to the next phase of married life, whether it be donations to household items or money towards your honeymoon?


Aspects which deserve the full budget  –


  1. Dress Alterations

The dress is the holy grail of your wedding. Ensure alterations are in the hands of the most highly recommended individual you can afford.


  1. The Food

Your wedding meal is an integral part of your day. People will sit and openly review your food with every bite, so ensure that your chicken is moist, your fish is fresh and your veggies are soft.


  1. The Music

The evening’s vibe is resting massively on the music that’s consuming the room. Find a reputable DJ and brief him or her on the genre(s) you’re going for. Nothing spoils a party more than the vengaboys.


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