Unique table name ideas

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Unique table name ideas

When naming your wedding tables, you have the choice of taking a comical, heartfelt or story telling approach. Whichever angle you adopt, you want to ensure it’s a memorable talking point of your day.

Let’s have a look at some of the most unique table name ideas that exist…

For the travellers: Name your tables after some of your favourite countries of cities that you’ve visited together over the years. Accompany with an image to add an extra sweet touch.


For festival goers: For lovers of camping, dancing and rolling around in a good few feet of mud, christen your tables after your favourite festivals around the globe.


For bookworms: If you’re the sort of couple who likes to get lost in the pages of a great book, label your tables with the names of some of your favourite fictional characters.


For sports fans: For those couples who like watching or partaking in the odd scrum, name your tables after teams of one of a variety of sports, teams or players.  


For movie buffs: If you’re a couple who likes nothing more than settling in for an evening of films and popcorn, name your tables after your top flicks.


For alcohol appreciators: Have a favourite tipple? Name your tables after your favourite alcoholic blends, wines, spirits, beers.. You get the jist.


For the romantics: Name your tables after your favourite whimsical duos. Think Romeo and Juliet, Rose and Jack, David and Victoria…


For the themed wedding: Coordinate your table names with your theme. No, this doesn’t need to be as extreme as ‘Disney Theme’, but if you have a large focus on floral arrangements throughout your venue, why not name your tables after your favourite blooms?


For the romantic multilinguals: If you’re looking for a more neutral yet romantic approach to your table names, consider naming each one with the translation of ‘I love you’ in some of your favourite languages.


For animal lovers: If you’re at one with nature and are passionate about our primal neighbours, name your tables after your favourite breed of animals. Better yet, name them after your pets (past or present).


For the nostalgic: Create a timeline of your relationship by naming each of your tables after milestones in your relationship. For example, the date you met, your first date, when you moved in etc.


For the foodies: Wet appetites by labelling each table with your favourite restaurants in your hometown and beyond.


For the teen lovebirds: If you met at university, name your tables after places in this city, such as bars, restaurants and landmarks.

The names in which you christen you tables grant you a fantastic opportunity to add a further tale to your day and give people another peek into the cogs behind the operation.  Use this opportunity to be as creative, quirky, humorous or romantic as you deem fit for your day, to carry through your wedding theme, and most importantly, enjoy conjuring these often nostalgic ideas up!  

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