Unique guestbook ideas for your wedding

Wedding guest book ideas

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Unique guestbook ideas for your wedding

Images of and messages about your wedding day are undoubtedly going to be gracing every social media platform that exists (as well as in a few cards from some of those ‘old fashioned’ guests of yours). But where word of your wedding might be spreading far and wide, it’s guestbooks which lend themselves as the most warming and often creative way to collate heartfelt messages from your friends and family on the day.

Let’s explore some unique guestbook ideas for your wedding, for inventive takes on this day’s keepsake that we can’t help but admire.



Remind yourself and your guests of simpler times by providing each table with a polaroid camera and pens in which they can snap themselves, leave a message and then either secure on a pinboard or slip into an album. Unique, memorable, charming.


A Dictionary

“The proper words in the proper places are the true definition of style”. A wonderfully romantic take on a guestbook is to ask your guests to flick through a dictionary, circle a word of relevance, and leave their names and note in the margin. A thoughtful memento you will treasure forever!


Shadowbox Art

Create an instant piece of art (and give your guests a blast from their tetris playing pasts) with a sweet and interactive shadowbox. Whether shop bought or homemade, your guests will love being able to drop in their personalised token into your new keepsake.


A Message in a Bottle

Ask your wedding party to offer you a piece if marital advice  within a neatly tied scroll and slip this into a chic glass bottle which you can proudly display in your living room. Alternatively, ask for ‘date night’ ideas and draw on one each week for a little bit of inspiration.



Have your seating plan printed on high quality card and ask each guest to leave their fingerprint and signature on their designated spot. A memory jogging token of the day and great way to make the most of those strenuous hours you put into this often undervalued aspect of planning!


Embrace the ever growing array of guest book forms that exist and bring together a meaningful and memorable memento that you will treasure forever and your guests will be discussing for weeks to come. A wonderful way to put yet another personalised stamp on your day.


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