Top honeymoon destinations

Top honeymoon destinations

Once the dust has settled on the wedding festivities and you’re ready to commence married life, the honeymoon is a much anticipated and often much needed post-wedding right of passage. Whether you’re looking far-flung white sand beaches or an activity consumed escapade, there are options for every preference. Let’s take a look at some of our highly commended honeymoon destinations…


Bora Bora

When people hear the word ‘honeymoon’, the vision that often first springs to mind is comparable to the scenery presented by the island of Bora Bora. With crystal clear turquoise tinted waters, white sand beaches and hotels and villas constructed from materials which blend delicately in the the vista, each visitor to this destination could almost believe they’re the first. A once in a lifetime, romance drenched holiday which should be reserved for the most significant of occasions.



Aptly nicknamed ‘Isle of the Gods’, Bali grants a honeymoon filled with diversity, scenery, beauty and culture. With a rich depth of history translated through the island’s many temples and eloquent arts scene, this destination is perfect for newlyweds who want to integrate a good amount of poolside relaxation with some exploring of monkey temples, aquatic excursions and market shopping.



Deemed one of the most romantic cities in the world, Venice is a major authority in the realms of honeymoon destinations. With a history doused in opera, gondola rides and the famous Giacomo Casanova, the city’s romantic charm is unparalleled. With many waterside restaurants and picturesque wanderings to admire, Venice a destination which grants as much or as little energy as its visitors are willing to commit.



Home to some of the most beautiful sunsets that our planet is graced with, Santorini is the romantic volcanic island best known for crystal waters and its famous whitewashed architecture. With many exquisite hotels and villas playing host to outstanding views across the island’s picture perfect scenery, romantics will be just as happy spending the duration in their accommodation or in exploring the island on the back of a scooter.



This Caribbean island is the honeymoon destination to guarantee sunny days and clear waters whatever time of year you visit. Nicknamed ‘one happy island’ due to it’s location just outside of the hurricane belt and yearlong warm climate, Aruba is the idyllic destination for those newlyweds seeking a serene break in the company of good food, unspoiled beaches and long, sunny days.



If more of the budget has been put into the wedding than first hoped, don’t fret as there are some absolutely fabulous UK destinations to ensure your honeymoon is just as magical as if you were overseas. The Cotswolds, for example, is a wonderland of rural expanse, clean air, uninterrupted views and romantic seclusion. With accommodation offerings from stately homes and cosy yurts, there’s something for everyone!


The wedding might be over, but the honeymoon is a pretty wonderful consolation prize. Whether you’re an avid island hopper, cultural buff or urban explorer, there’s a destination out there for everyone if you know where to look. Enjoy!  

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