Top do’s and don’ts of wedding planning

Wedding planning can often seem overwhelming. Take a moment to read some of our top do's and don'ts when it comes to planning those all important details.

In the run-up to the big day, your life is sure to be swallowed up in hours of planning, Google searches, table plans, cake tastings and spreadsheets (to name but a few). Where there’s every chance that things will go swimmingly from start to end, there are a couple of things that all brides should be aware of so as not to permit any wedding blunders or regrets.

Let’s have a look at the top do’s and don’ts of wedding planning…

Do: Let your bridesmaids organise your hen

You’ve got plenty enough to be keeping busy with amongst the whirlwind of wedding planning, so don’t waste your time on organising or even having say in your hen night. Your maid of honour is your most trusted female friend, and so she is more than capable to conjure up an event which will blow your socks off.


Don’t: Get hung up on the small stuff.

If your particular shade of ribbon is no longer available or if your photographer suddenly needs to cut his hours shorter, laugh it off, give it to your maid of honour or family to resolve, and get on with more important things. There’s no point getting bogged down with things that can’t be changed – it’s nothing more than a waste of energy.


Do: Choose the bridal party you want.

Introducing an unwanted member into your bridal party because a member of your family or friendship group convinces you it’s the ‘right thing to do’ is a tale as old as time. Choose only the people you personally want in your bridal party and don’t let other people persuade you otherwise. They should be able to respect you enough to value your decision.


Don’t: Turn guests into (un)hired help

Your next door neighbour might very well make the best cake in your city, and your brother-in-law might know your best angles with his professional camera, but turning an exciting, celebratory day of theirs into another day in the job isn’t fair and can also open up many opportunities for awkward squabbles. Hire professionals who you don’t have ties to and you won’t mind giving some constructive criticism too throughout the day.


Do: Keep to your budget.

Yes, those personalised embroidered ‘Mr and Mrs’ towels might look sweet hanging in the bathroom on your honeymoon, but is it in your initial budgeting spreadsheet? If not, put them back and walk away, as all of these seemingly small additions can add up to a whole extra chunk out of your bank account which you hadn’t accounted for.

The lead up to your wedding day can seem like a mind boggling juggling act, with many potential pitfalls along the way.

Be mindful or some of the most common and easy mistakes to make and keep focused on the big, lovely ‘do’s’, and you’ll soon be walking up the aisle with nothing but fond memories of everything from the planning through to the day itself.

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