The Wedding Dress Strategy

The dress. Arguably the most important aspect of any wedding day (or so the vast majority of brides and well, women, will tell you).

The Wedding Dress Strategy

The dress. Arguably the most important aspect of any wedding day (or so the vast majority of brides and well, women, will tell you). Most brides have had a vision of their wedding dress in their minds since the days they were tottering around in their mother’s high heels as toddlers, and so this garment has not only family and friends’ approval to seek, but of that hopeful four year-old version of themselves too. No pressure. Let’s explore your wedding dress strategy, with the five things any bride should know before stepping foot in a dress shop.

1. Research

Lose yourself in as many bridal magazines, blogs or married friends’ (or not) Facebook albums to get some inspiration and establish a really good idea of the look you’re going for. Also remember that what’s ‘in’ now might now be in a few years’ time (hello bouffant sleeves!) so take inspiration and consideration from many different eras. Everything from colours (white, off white, ivory, cream) length (train, no train, midi, mini, maxi) and style (a-line, ballgown, sheath, mermaid) need to be decided on and bridal shops cater to every taste under the sun, so to enter one without a direction in your mind can feel daunting to say the very least.

2. Limit the opinions

You might be one of those brides who has three sisters, four friends and a mother who you’d like to bring with you as you shop for your star garment, but too many cooks can, and often do, spoil the broth. Decide on a maximum of three trusted advisors to bring with you and equip one of them with a camera for both Whatsapp post-fitting opinions for the whole group as well as for you to revisit a good few (hundred) times whilst you’re deciding on your perfect match. 

3. Budget

In a previous post, we discussed how to approach budgeting for the big day. Within this budget you will have accounted for your dress, no doubt. However, don’t let costs for aspects such as the veil, shoes and any alterations slip your mind as these can add up significantly and make for some eye watering expenditure if not previously covered.

4. Pre-book

Book slots to visit your favoured bridal boutiques well ahead of time to ensure that not only is your visit anticipated and planned for by the staff, but also so you have enough time allocated for fittings and alterations ahead of the big day. When booking your appointments, also be wary to schedule your slot at the beginning of the day when your body is at it’s natural ‘sitting’ weight as well as for the fact that the store is likely to be more empty and you’ll have the undivided attention of the (fresh faced) staff! 

5. Prepare to barter

As Brits we can often cringe at the thought of haggling (or, let’s be honest, discussing prices at all!), especially if this is taking place within the UK. Place your qualms to one side and get your game face at the ready, as bridal shops are accustom to a discussion on price points and are expectant of visitors to request price reductions or additional inclusions to the sole garment price such as dress alterations. Every penny of that wedding budget counts!

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