Social Media Etiquette

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Social Media Etiquette

In a world consumed with hashtags and filters, you can expect most if not all guests at any wedding to enjoy a post or scroll through their social feeds during the day. However, in this relatively new realm of social sharing, what’s the proper etiquette to follow for the duration?


Tips for the bride and groom

You will have your own opinion on social media, but love it or hate it it’s here to stay and is growing more prominent by the day. Just like your traditional wedding formalities such as the best man’s speech and confetti as you leave the service, social media is also quickly evolving its own customs.


It’s common for the couple to prefer their guests not to post images before they’ve initiated the social media splurge themselves. First impressions count and you know how you want your day to be purveyed online better than anyone else. You don’t want to put a regimented tone on your day, so a great way to approach this is to put up a friendly notice in your venue and add an element of lighthearted jest around holding off on posting until you’ve had chance to do so yourselves. This is also prime opportunity to circulate a wedding hashtag and urge your guests to use this for all posts so you have a quick way to access all pics from the day.


As like being hosts of any event, it’s generally not polite to be on your phone; people are here to celebrate with you and so you need to be mentally present. Hold off posting anything online until the day is through, or if you’d really like to keep your followers in the loop give a (digitally savvy) bridesmaid social media control on your behalf.


Tips for the guests

However savvy or frequent you are with social media, respect the bride and groom’s requests for posting about the day. If they ask you to use a hashtag, use a hashtag. If they ask you to post at certain times, post at certain times. If they ask you not to discuss a certain aspect, don’t. Similarly, keep on tone for the day with your posts and keep all of your content positive – don’t discuss that you were given fish instead of chicken or about how much it rained.


When it comes to images, be sure to place vanity to one side and include lots of pictures of the newlyweds. Under the same premise, ensure all images you post are actually complementary of the bride and groom. Even if you look fabulous, don’t throw the guests of honour under bus.


Lastly, keep your phone time to a bare minimum. Of course you want to document the day (which all parties will be grateful for), but if you’re simply partaking in a scroll through your Instagram feed, save it for later and enjoy being present and engaging with the celebrations.


Social media – fun, collaborative, informative and valuable, but also delicate and requiring if diplomacy. Maintain decorum and balance around what a wedding celebration requires and ensure that all involved leave delighted with the day’s execution. .

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