Prioritised Planning

Wedding planning

Prioritising your wedding checklist is no easy task, especially when each seemingly small detail somehow has a direct link to another, and so the ripple effect begins. It’s important to pull yourself out of the swill of decor, cakes, invites and table settings and put a strategy of precedence in place for your wedding planning to ensure smooth sailing and minimal meltdowns.

When we’re looking at the bigger picture of planning your special day, there are certain things that need the VIP treatment. View your planning like a tiered wedding cake; the vital aspects (e.g. venue) are the base, and from here you can build up in importance, leaving you with smaller elements (e.g. which colour bunting to use) at the top. Without the larger bottom layers, the whole thing will crumble.

The first tier

The structural stability of your wedding begins with the date, venue and guest list. Compile a thorough account of the people you would like to invite to your ceremony and/or reception before viewing a variety of venues to get a feel for what’s available for party size, budget and within your desired date range. Once your dream location(s) has been confirmed, you’re able to circulate your ‘save the dates’ and commence tier two.

The second tier

The most crucial checkpoints have been taken care of. Phew. Now you can look into hiring your wedding planner (if you’re having one) and booking your officiant (if relevant). This is also a great time to begin exploring your ideologies in terms of catering and nearby hotels for guests.

The third tier

This is where the creativity begins to kick in. Speak to friends or your wedding venue for recommendations for your photographer, catering (including cake) and hair and makeup artist. Secure these as promptly as possible as the reputable professionals are often snapped up over six months to a year before the big day. Also grab your nearest and dearest for the all important dress shopping as you’ll want to ensure you have ample time for any alterations. You might be just about ready to send out those official invites now too!

The fourth tier

It’s time for a sprinkling of magic. Decide on your colour theme, source your florist, pick out centerpieces and party favours, buy your guestbook, arrange transport and organise any other special additions that you feel will make your day that bit more special and memorable.


Your (hypothetical) cake is complete and your wedding is shaping up perfectly. All that’s left to do now is celebrate your extraordinary day with your family and friends. Congratulations!


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