Planning the perfect outdoor wedding ceremony

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Planning the perfect outdoor wedding ceremony

Planning an outdoor wedding? Here’s our top 5 expert tips to make everything run smoothly!

Over the past few years the number of guests wanting to have a wonderful outdoor wedding has gone up exponentially! If you’re hoping for an outdoor wedding ceremony, here are our top things to consider:


  • The law

Dull but crucially important, the law in England and Wales currently states that all the legal requirements of a ceremony must be held within a permanent structure. This means in practice you can get married in a bandstand, summer house or similar; alternatively you can hold the legal part of the ceremony indoors and then the rest of the ceremony outside. At Rise Hall we have a great relationship with the local registrars and can advise on the technicalities of an outdoor ceremony.


  • The weather

One thing you can never take for granted in the UK is the weather! East Yorkshire is one of the driest areas of the country but even so you should always have a plan B in case the heavens open! We can offer a number of different, licensed rooms to hold your wedding ceremony in as a back up!


  • Your photographs

An outdoor wedding ceremony can provide a host of challenges for your photographer, with shade, sunshine, greenery and wind to take account of when setting up your photos. It’s a good idea to discuss your plans with your photographer in detail, and a site visit can be useful so they can work out camera angles in advance.


  • Your hair and make-up

An outdoor ceremony can also provide additional challenges for your wedding hair and make-up; from wind ruining your hair style to sun in your eyes making your mascara run! Talk through your plans with your make-up artist, or if you are doing it yourself look at online videos to get some ideas.


  • Your guests

A good tip is to make sure your guests know you are planning an outdoor wedding ceremony- that way they can make sure they dress appropriately! If possible, consider arranging for parasols during the summer to prevent your guests from overheating. Likewise, shawls are a lovely touch during spring and autumn weddings.


With these tips you will be able to plan the perfect outdoor wedding ceremony!

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