Hidden wedding costs not to overlook

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Hidden wedding costs not to overlook

The word ‘budget’ is sure to be ringing in every bride and groom’s ears morning, noon and night for the duration of their wedding planning (and probably stained on their brains for some time to come too).

We’ve discussed our most highly commended budgeting tools and tips in previous posts, but let’s now discuss the top wedding costs to be mindful not to overlook.


It’s not uncommon to get so caught up in planning the actual wedding day that the post-celebration budget is overlooked. Read your contract carefully to understand what is covered in your specific package (for example, weekday and weekend weddings are likely to differ) and also whether any extra costs are incurred if your party stretches into the morning hours.


Band Equipment

The cost of hiring your wedding band or DJ will generally include all equipment, setup and cleanup. It won’t, however, cover any extra equipment which is necessary for your specific venue, for example extra speakers if your venue is particularly large. Ensure you brief your band on your venue as early as possible to plan and account for any necessary additions.



Whether you’re taking a DIY approach or professional stationers, you’ll need to factor in money for postage and/or shipping costs of your save the dates and invites. The slight sight of a stamp may appear petty to your budget, but when you’re sending possibly hundreds of invites twice, this cost adds up more than you might first expect.


Overtime Costs

Be it your photographer, serving staff or DJ, your hired hands for your wedding day will charge extra (up to 50%)  for any time served after their agreed hour allocation. With the probability of time shuffling forever lingering in the air, set aside a budget for the potential need to keep hold of one or two of your hired professionals for a bit longer than initially anticipated.


Dress Alterations

Most wedding dress shops don’t include alterations in the cost of the garment. Before you purchase the dress, assess the amount of alteration work needed and shop around (plus ask the store itself) for alteration fees tailored to your particular requirements as well as ensuring they can meet your wedding day deadline.


Rental Transport

You wouldn’t be crazy to assume that companies you are renting goods off for your big day (e.g. chairs and decorations) might include delivery of these goods within the total cost. Unfortunately, sometimes this is not the case. Be sure to find out whether delivery is included in any rented goods costs and from this, plan which transport you will need to rent to transport these items.

The wedding budget; an unavoidable yet valuable attribute of your wedding planning.

Ensure all bases and possible eventualities are covered to avoid any unwelcome and unbudgeted for surprises along the way, as these can unfortunately be more common than you might hope!

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