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Hair and beauty tips from the expert

Looking your absolute best is imperative on your wedding day. With countless flashes of cameras to be turned into lifelong framed memorabilia, the focus has never been more prominent.  Nobody knows this better than Yorkshire-based hair and makeup artist Vicki Suddaby. Specialising in weddings, she focuses on enhancing clients both physically and mentally for their big day. To get some hair and beauty tips from the expert, we popped some questions of our own…

What are the most popular bridal hairstyles you’re seeing this Summer?

Braids, braids, braids! The trend is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Adorned with some fresh flowers they are just such a versatile style. They work especially well for bridesmaids as they can be adapted to suit individual hair types and facial features keeping everyone happy!

Up do’s or down? Why?

I think this comes down to personal preference but it’s also important to take your own hair type into consideration. Half up / half down is a good option for those brides that want the best of both worlds. It also adds longevity for hair that doesn’t like to stay curled.

How do you think hair and makeup should be styled differently per season/do you think season should play a part?

In the colder seasons, luminous skin helps to give that beautiful bridal glow. Cream highlighters help to achieve this in a subtler way than a lot of the glittery powder options that are currently available. Highlighters are generally best avoided in the warmer months when a matte finish to skin will ensure that makeup stays the course. Matte skin will naturally progress into a radiant glow before your first dance. For those that prefer to stay Matte, blotting papers are a lifesaver.

What is your top piece of advice for anybody choosing their style for the day?

My top advice when choosing styling is to remain true to your usual self, just a little more polished. If you are not normally a lipstick wearer, it isn’t the time to suddenly rock a red lip. If you normally wear strong makeup there isn’t a reason for this to change just because it’s your wedding day.

How much does social media play a part in bridal styles for the day?

Social media plays a huge part in expectations for wedding day styling. I get the same few images sent to me as inspiration time and again, which can be helpful if used loosely. It’s important to remember that these images are heavily edited and most likely feature a model on a photoshoot – not a real bride at a real wedding! If you do look to Pinterest for inspiration, try to find images that have the same eye/hair colour as yourself as this makes a huge difference in meeting expectations.

What are you loving about bridal trends right now? What don’t you?

I’m not a massive follower of trends as my style is focused on working to create a more radiant version of yourself. ‘Enhance don’t hide’ is my motto.

There is currently a huge trend for Instagram style makeup and this just isn’t something that translates well into real life. It might be fun for a selfie or even a night out but strong contouring and Insta-brows will absolutely not create timeless wedding photographs.

Should brides wear bright makeup?

A pop of colour on the lips can look great to complement colours in a bouquet. Berry tones can be stunning for Autumn/Winter brides, whilst pinks and corals work nicely with Summer styling. Sticking to neutral eyes helps to keep things balanced if wearing a stronger lip and it can still look surprisingly natural in photographs.

Would you recommend different hair and makeup styling from day to evening?

Your wedding day will whizz by in a blink so it’s a good idea to stick to styles that will last the duration. Many brides remove their veil for the evening reception and might add a different hair accessory and a slick of brighter lipstick. This is a nice way to quickly change your look without taking too much time away from enjoying celebrations with your guests and new husband.

Enrich your natural look ensuring you love and cherish the style from the moment you walk down the aisle to jumping into bed after it’s all done.

So with so many trends, styles and ever changing approaching to wedding day styling, the advice from Vicki is clear – adopt a look that makes you comfortable and confident and get ready for one the best days of your life!

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