3rd July 2020
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Tips for planning an LGBT wedding

As we come towards the end of Pride month in the UK, we at Rise Hall thought it might be helpful to take a look at […]
23rd June 2020
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How do I set my wedding budget?

If there’s one question which comes up more than any other when it comes to wedding planning it’s this one! How do you work out your […]
11th June 2020
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Wedding florals for autumn & winter weddings

Wedding florals for autumn & winter weddings If you’ve been unfortunate enough to have your wedding postponed due to the coronavirus, you may be wondering how […]
18th May 2020
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Personalise your wedding with a Celebrant

Personalise your wedding with a Celebrant When it comes to planning your wedding, you have probably spent many hours Googling wedding ideas and images for everything- […]
29th April 2020
Outdoor Wedding confetti kissing bride and groom

Planning the perfect outdoor wedding ceremony

Planning the perfect outdoor wedding ceremony Planning an outdoor wedding? Here’s our top 5 expert tips to make everything run smoothly! Over the past few years […]
15th March 2018
wedding signature cocktail

The Signature Cocktail

We explore some of the greatest signature cocktails that exist and what they say about those who serve them...
22nd February 2018
Rise Hall | Dine Venues | Gardens | Bride on Swing | Wedding Traditions & their origins

Wedding traditions and their origins

Love them or hate them, wedding traditions are an integral part of the big day. Which are your favourites and where do they all stem from?
1st February 2018
Rise Hall | Dine Venues | Why a country wedding beats a city wedding

Why a country wedding beats a city wedding

6th December 2017

The wedding playlist

Sourcing your wedding day’s playlist can seem like a daunting and never ending task. Here, we explore some of the most popular and foolproof wedding day acoustics to keep a smile on everyone’s faces...
6th December 2017

Top honeymoon destinations

Whether you’re looking far-flung white sand beaches or an activity consumed escapade, there are are so many options when it comes to planning your perfect honeymoon. We take a look at some of our highly commended honeymoon destinations....
20th October 2017
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Social Media Etiquette

In today's age of social sharing, what’s the proper etiquette to follow for wedding social media?
22nd September 2017
wedding flowers

Wedding Floral Trends with The Floral Lounge

We interview one of Rise Hall’s most adorned wedding florists, Sarah Nicholson, owner of The Floral Lounge, to give us the lowdown on floral trends as well as some top tips for choosing your blooms….
22nd September 2017
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Hidden wedding costs not to overlook

We advise on the top wedding costs to be mindful not to overlook when planning your dream day...
14th September 2017

5 Bridesmaid Gift Ideas They’ll Love

Your bridesmaids are there to help you through the wedding planning process, zip up your wedding dress, stand with you when you say “I do,” and be there to support you throughout. So what's the best way to say thank you? There’s no better way to show your appreciation and excitement than with beautiful bridesmaid gifts and whether you decide to get all your bridesmaids the same gift, or if you choose a more personalised approach, here are some ideas to get you started.
30th August 2017

Top do’s and don’ts of wedding planning

Wedding planning can often seem overwhelming. Take a moment to read some of our top do's and don'ts when it comes to planning those all important details.
29th August 2017
Rise Hall | Dine Venues | Hair & Beauty tips from the expert

Hair and beauty tips from the expert

We grill Yorkshire-based hair and makeup artist Vicki Suddaby for her beauty tips to help you look your best on your big day.
24th July 2017
Wedding guest book ideas

Unique guestbook ideas for your wedding

Wedding guestbooks lend themselves as the most warming and often creative way to collate heartfelt messages from your friends and family on the day. In this blog, we explore some of the most inventive takes on this day’s keepsake that we can’t help but admire.
21st July 2017
Choosing your wedding music

A guide to live music at your wedding

There’s much to consider when booking the live acoustics for your wedding day. From genre and song choices to set timings and band size, it’s a strategic juggling match to ensure your day’s melody is inline with your desired ambiance. Let’s break down the pivotal steps towards choosing the perfect live music for your big day…
19th July 2017

10 questions to ask your wedding photographer

The memory of your wedding is sure to remain crystal clear in your mind for many years to come, however this doesn’t mean that you don’t want a bank of gorgeous photographs to reminisce over and share with friends and family at every possible occasion.
9th July 2017

Wedding cake 101

Your wedding cake is most possibly the most bespoke, unique and personally representative aspect of your wedding day.
9th July 2017
Rise Hall | Dine Venues | Unique table name ideas

Unique table name ideas

When naming your wedding tables, there are so many options to choose from. We look at some of the options available to ensure it’s a memorable talking point of your day.
9th July 2017
wedding theme

5 tips for choosing your wedding theme

Your wedding theme is the launch pad of your entire day. It’s the canvas in which you mould the rest of your celebration around, from your attire to your floral arrangements.
9th July 2017

20 questions to ask your wedding venue

Booking the dream venue is often number one priority of the bride and groom - it’s the embodiment of your day and needs to tick many more boxes than simply being ‘pretty’.
4th July 2017

Prioritised Planning

It’s important to pull yourself out of the swill of decor, cakes, invites and table settings and put a strategy of precedence in place for your wedding planning to ensure smooth sailing and minimal meltdowns.
30th June 2017

Wedding Budgeting Tips

Your wedding is likely to be one of the biggest, most significant and memorable days of your life. With many months of anticipation and meticulous planning having been devoted to the coming together of this celebration, you by no means want to scrimp and sacrifice…
13th June 2017
Rise Hall | Dine Venues | You're engaged! What's next?

You’re Engaged! What Next?

Once the question has been popped and the ring is sitting proudly on your wedding finger, the following days feel consumed with admiring gazes down at your hand and congratulatory embraces from friends and family.