A guide to live music at your wedding

Choosing your wedding music

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A guide to live music at your wedding

There’s much to consider when booking the live acoustics for your wedding day. From genre and song choices to set timings and band size, it’s a strategic juggling match to ensure your day’s melody is inline with your desired ambience. Let’s break down the pivotal steps, with our guide to live music at your wedding you’ll get the perfect music…


Book Early

As with any aspect of a wedding, especially in peak season, the best and most sought after professionals will get snapped up very quickly. Book your live music as early as possible, not only to avoid disappointment of dreaded ‘your dates aren’t available’ message, but also to ensure you bag you desired artist(s) for the best price.


Off-Peak Reductions

Consider booking your wedding for a weekday or during the off-peak months if you’re looking to reserve some of your budget. During weekends and high season, most reputable artists increase their prices up to 10 to 20 times more than their base rate whereas in the colder months or mid-week bookings, you might even be able to negotiate down on price points.


Consider your theme

Your wedding theme has consumed many hours of deliberation, research time and careful planning, so don’t let it be put on the backburner when it comes to your music. For example, if you’re having a rustic summer wedding then consider a folky band with light string instruments and a jaunty tone. If you’re looking at an inner city winter wedding then you might like to think about a deeper melody, held by instruments such a bass guitars or maybe even a saxophone.



A wedding that runs on time is a rare and wonderful thing. When you’re sussing your schedule for your live music, factor in any possible overrunning that may occur and agree on overtime costs so to avoid any nasty surprises. Also consider when you would like your entertainment to play and in what capacity. For example, if you have a four piece band for the reception, you might want to book only the guitarist for as you’re walking down the aisle. All of these things need to be considered.  



Booking an eight piece band if that means having them consume most of your dancefloor isn’t the smartest move, nor is booking one sole guitarist if your venue is a large and extravagant hall. Take the spatial offerings of your venue into consideration when booking your music to ensure that your entertainment isn’t going to consume or be swamped by its surroundings.


Venue Restrictions

Before you sign on any sort of dotted line, check with your venue for any restrictions that might hinder your plans. Be clear with them about the entertainment you’re considering booking before you pay your deposit and share with them any specific requirements your entertainment has to establish viability of your chosen artist(s). Limitations such as base level and noise limiters are common and can often result in sticky situations between everyone involved.  


Live music is a wonderful, time honoured way to fill a room with soul and ambiance. Follow the above simple yet effective steps to align the staple aspects of your day such as theme, time of year and setting requirements to ensure smooth running and perfect pairing with your celebration.

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