5 reasons to choose a mid-week wedding over a weekend

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5 reasons to choose a mid-week wedding over a weekend

The popularity of mid-week weddings has grown enormously over the last few years; so much so that we are seeing the phrase ‘Wednesday is the new Saturday’! But why are they becoming so popular? Here’s 5 reasons why you should consider a mid-week wedding over a weekend.



Recent estimates put it that 70% of weddings planned for summer 2020 have been postponed due to the Covid-19 restrictions. That’s means there’s a lot of demand for peak dates in 2021 and 2022, many of which have already been booked up. By deciding to go for a mid-week wedding, you’ll have much more flexibility with dates. And this is not just about your venue either; many wedding photographers, make-up artists, bands and cake makers are already booked up for weekends. Choose a Wednesday over a Saturday and you’ll be able to get together a dream team of wedding suppliers.


Weekends are peak dates for wedding venues, but most suppliers will negotiate when it comes to mid-week dates. Depending on the season, you could save up to a third off the cost of your venue! That’s money you could put to getting the dream wedding of your choice, or perhaps a five-star honeymoon! You might also find accommodation and travel for guests is cheaper too.

More personal service

Saturdays are busy days for wedding suppliers- your florist may have multiple weddings to set up for, as do your registrar, vicar or celebrant, your caterers and other suppliers. By choosing a mid-week wedding they can spend more time with you and your wedding, giving you a better and more personal service.

Avoid clashes

When you are planning a wedding you will aim to choose a date that suits you and your close family and friends- but inevitably a Saturday wedding will have some guests who have another wedding or event to attend. Football season can be a particular minefield! By choosing a Wednesday or Thursday over a busy Saturday you can make sure the people you really want to be with you on your big day can attend.

More intimate

Mid-week weddings are particularly suitable for smaller weddings, as family members and close friends may be more than happy to take a day or two off work to attend. Choose a Thursday and guests can take two days off and party straight into the weekend!


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