5 Bridesmaid Gift Ideas They’ll Love


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Your bridesmaids are good enough friends and family members of yours to have earned a key role in your wedding day. This in itself, aside from the hours spent by your side in your wedding planning efforts, warrants them deserving of the best bridesmaid’s gift possible. Let’s have a look at some of our favourite takes on this gratuitous tradition…

Engraved jewellery

In any scenario in any walk of life, jewellery, and especially engraved jewellery, is recognised as a thoughtful, lifelong gift. Award your bridesmaids for their friendship and hard work by presenting them with individually personalised necklaces which show them just how much you care and which the can forever treasure as an emblem of your day.



Simple yet effective, treat your nearest and dearest to a post-wedding dinner to regroup, relax, reflect and have a well deserved unwinding following months of meticulous planning. The perfect gift for those of you who value memories and time with their friends over (even the most thoughtful) material items.


Monogrammed pyjamas

Monogramming on sleepwear is becoming more and more trendy, and let’s face it, your bridesmaids are going to need a good time spent dedicated to rest and recuperation after the day’s festivities. Hunt down some gorgeous sleep sets and have their initials and maybe also the date of the wedding thoughtfully stitched into them for a practical and enchanting gift.


Theatre tickets

Play on your bridesmaid’s passions and book them each pairs of tickets to shows you know they’ll enjoy and which they can take their other halves to. A thoughtful way to give back and grant them a night out on the town away from wedding fever.


Framed picture

It doesn’t quite get more sentimental than a significant photo of you both sat within a beautiful frame. Gift the most important women in your lives with a tribute of your friendship that can be proudly displayed in their homes, and also consider having a personalised message engraved in the frame for an extra sprinkling of thoughtful personalisation.  

Your bridesmaids are the top women in your lives and the ones who are sure to be with you all the way through from engagement celebrations to tying the knot and catching the bouquet. Where bridesmaids gifts may not be as critical to traditional wedding planning as the likes of wedding favours, they’re a welcome addition and are sure to leave your top ladies with a twinkle in their eye.

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