20 questions to ask your wedding venue

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Booking the dream venue is often number one priority of the bride and groom – it’s the embodiment of your day and needs to tick many more boxes than simply being ‘pretty’. With the whirlwind of wedding planning engrossing so much brain-space, it’s important to remember to ask some vital questions to any potential venue before signing on the dotted line, or otherwise risk a possible calamity down the line. Let’s break down the 20 questions you should always be asking yourself and the venue:

  1. Does it suit your theme/taste?
  2. Is it big enough to accommodate your guest list?
  3. Do they have an internal wedding planner?
  4. Do they provide tables, chairs, dining sets, glassware?
  5. Are you able to bring your own caterer? Do they have a fully functional kitchen?
  6. Do they have an alcohol license? What are the restrictions on this?
  7. How many serving/bar staff do they have available?
  8. Is entertainment permitted? Are there any restrictions on this?
  9. Are there noise restrictions?
  10. Do they have alternative spaces for photos/outdoor vs indoor spaces depending on weather?
  11. Are there restrictions for any decorative placements (e.g are you allowed confetti)?
  12. Do they permit lanterns, candles, sparklers?
  13. Is there a cleaning fee?
  14. Are there on-site accommodation for guests?
  15. Is there disabled access?
  16. Is there adequate parking facilities?
  17. Is there safe storage for gifts/personal belongings?
  18. Does it have public liability insurance?
  19. Can they meet your budget?
  20. Any other hidden costs?

With so many incredible and unforgettable venue options available, it’s vital to ensure that requirements align and you are aware of every intricacy in order to keep your budget and planning in check. Ask as many questions as you can and don’t be afraid to go away, have a think and come back for a further discussion or two with the staff as well as the manager. You’re the ruler of this day and that gives you the right to manage any and all aspects of your planning in the way that makes you feel most comfortable and that you see fit.

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