10 Wedding DIY Ideas

There’s much value to be found in getting stuck into some good old fashioned DIY.

10 Wedding DIY Ideas

There’s much value to be found in getting stuck into some good old fashioned DIY. Watching on as your guests stop to admire features of your day’s decor which you spent a steady few hours over gluing, sewing, pinning and tying is gratifying beyond words. Let’s have a look at our top 10 wedding DIY ideas…


Place Cards

Your meticulously planned table plan deserves the best execution possible. From hand crafted, all singing, all dancing, lace trimmed marvels to simple hand-written cards, giving your guests the knowledge that you took the time to construct their personal place card is worthy of your time.


Foliage Centrepieces

Table centrepieces come in all wonderful shapes and sizes. From dazzling candelabras to quant floral arrangements, they are a dominant theme and ambiance contributor to your dining room. Add a spot of rustic and authentic charm to your day with handmade foliage centrepieces, either lone standing or accompanying a couple of (covered) candles.



Bunting is the go-to accessory for adding a hint of festival chic to your day’s festivities. Taking a DIY approach to this is a fantastic way to add a sprinkling of homespun magic into mix. Use old bits of fabric you can gather from your and your friends and families homes or visit a fabric store to string together a decorative piece you can reuse for every anniversary to come.



Once the lights dim down and the alluring evening atmosphere sets in, you are granted opportunity to introduce a whole new ambiance to the day’s celebrations. Gather a collection of old food jars, decorate with some lace or foliage, pop a tea light inside and hang these or place these around your venue to add a further romantic aura.


Confetti Holder

Put your own stamp on the age old tradition of confetti throwing by crafting of decorating baskets to hang on the back of chairs at the ceremony or with forming some simple yet charming paper packages of individual servings to sprinkle.



Possible one of the bravest yet most admirable of our DIY concepts, baking and decorating your very own wedding cake is a fabulous course in which to truly put your own personal mark on the day’s festivities as well as to gain maximum DIY recognition from your guests. Whether you take the cupcake approach of go for a fully fledged tiered triumph, much credit is to be had! Check our wedding cake 101 here.


Save the dates

Your save the dates are the first glimpse people get into your big day. Not quite as significant as your official invites, but significant enough for people to swoon for a good while, this is prime opportunity to demonstrate your DIY prowess to your guests and give them some bespoke, VIP treatment off the cuff.


Champagne Flutes

The mixing up or misplacing of drinks at a wedding reception is a worldwide inevitability. Not only will your guests be admirable of your picture perfect DIY skills, but personally labelling their drinks glasses will also spare them the awkward ‘oh mine must be the one with the pink lipstick on’ scenario. Either take to a glue gun and pot of glitter or fathom some detachable flute charms which your guests can also keep as a memento of the day.



Welcoming your guests into your venue with a handwritten sign, whether it be on a chalkboard, driftwood or simply a well presented piece of paper, is a warming way to greet and host your guests on your day. Position these around your reception to direct your company to areas for them to explore, or to give guidance on timings and where to be and when.



Following a long day’s festivities, the late afternoon/evening snack cravings are sure to set in. Curate some picturesque bundles of edible treats for your guests to tuck into the minute hunger strikes. As simple as folding and decorating some card, paper, your guests will most definitely admire this DIY construction from the inside out.


Adding a personalised touch to your wedding day doesn’t need to be as daunting as it sounds. Whether big or small, edible or decorative, taking a hands on approach to the aesthetic attributes of your day will earn you internal gratification and wedding-wide praise.

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