10 top tips for a small wedding

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10 top tips for a small wedding

Over the years the average number of guests at a wedding has decreased by over 50%, and couples are increasingly looking to hold small, more intimate celebrations. If that sounds like something which appeals, read on for our top ten tips for a small wedding!


Small guest list doesn’t have to mean small everything

With fewer guests, your budget can stretch a lot further on those things that mean the most to you, whether that’s your perfect venue, a lavish wedding meal, or flowers as far as the eye can see! Focus on two or three priorities that mean the most to you and make them a key part of your planning.


Fewer guests means more flexibility

Don’t feel you need to stick to a traditional aisle-and-two-halves format for your ceremony- with a smaller number of guests you can play around with the seating to create a more intimate feel. Perhaps a semi-circle, or even having the chairs form a circle around you as you say your vows surrounded by family and friends?


Go big and bold

If you are looking at a micro wedding of 20 guests or fewer, you will need to look at some bold wedding designs to prevent the party looking less intimate than miserly. Oversized flower arrangements, glass tables, bright coloured table runners would all be hugely expensive (and possibly a bit OTT) for a large wedding; for a small wedding they work perfectly.


Get personal

With fewer guests you can really take the time to add personal touches to your wedding- whether that’s a hand written note for each guest, a personalised bauble for each guest as a wedding favour, or having wedding photos of each couple by your guest book. Take advantage of the smaller numbers to really make it special for you and your guests.


Bring along man’s best friend

Lots of couples like to celebrate with their favourite pal- their dog! But this can cause problems during larger, noisier celebrations. A small wedding doesn’t present the same issues around upsetting your canine pal, especially if they know everyone already!


Ditch the confetti

Instead of a confetti shot, you can use all sorts of things to create a fantastic photo which wouldn’t be sensible with large numbers of guests! Sparklers create a magical backdrop for a picture of the wedding couple; or try smoke bombs, which are increasingly popular and come in a range of colours to match your theme.


Shake up the drinks

If cocktails are your thing, take advantage! Cocktails for hundreds of guests can be very time consuming and tricky to pull off- but with just a few guests the possibilities are endless! Serve your favourite cocktail with your canapes, or even create your own, signature cocktail for the occasion!


A feast for all

With smaller numbers you can really go all-out when it comes to the wedding meal; your budget will go further and there are fewer technical restraints when it comes to event catering for smaller weddings. So let your imagination run free! Whether it’s delicate afternoon tea sandwiches and cakes you fancy, or a Michelin-starred extravaganza worthy of the Queen!


Change up the seating

For a small wedding the usual round tables of eight or ten people might not work. Consider whether you could do a large table for all of you, either in a long table or a U shape. Alternatively try smaller tables of 4 or 6, restaurant style.


Hire a band

With smaller numbers on the dancefloor a DJ mixing tunes on an ipad really isn’t going to bring the party. A live band is well worth the cost as it will bring a wonderful atmosphere to your wedding. Make sure that it’s not too big though- a four or five-piece band is perfect; you don’t want more of them than there are of you!

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