10 questions to ask your wedding photographer

The memory of your wedding is sure to remain crystal clear in your mind for many years to come, however this doesn’t mean that you don’t want a bank of gorgeous photographs to reminisce over and share with friends and family at every possible occasion. Where you are sure to have endless numbers of iPhone snapped pics of your day, nothing can beat the carefully crafted professionalism of a hired photographer. Let’s have a look at the top ten things you should be asking picture producing prospects to make sure he/she is the perfect fit for your vision.

How many weddings have you shot?

Generally, the more weddings a photographer has shot, the more experience with a wider variety of people with different requirements and tastes they have worked with. A diverse background of successes is never a bad thing.

How would you describe your photography and working style?

Photographers have individualised working styles which are valuable to get to grips with in order to understand if there’s a good fit there. For example, If you’re a couple who know your angles and how to pose yourselves for a shoot then you might not want to work with a photographer that likes to micro-manage their muses.

Do you have a portfolio?

Similarly to a work reference, a photographer’s portfolio is your way to get an invaluable insight into the quality of work that he or she produces, as well as to get view of the style or photography.

How much of a deposit do you require and when is it due? Do you offer a payment plan?

Your budget depends on maintaining a transparent view of what’s going coming in and going out. Be sure to ask the photographer what he/she offers in terms of payment agreements as well as what is included in that money and what is extra.

Am I able to give you guidance/inspiration shots on the sort of images I’d like?

Some photographers are set in their ways and others actually appreciate client input. Ask your prospect whether they would be happy for you to send over any inspiration shots for angles, colouring or location positioning that take your fancy.

Is it okay if other people take photos while you’re taking photos?

Some professionals can feel uncomfortable with other guests taking images at the same time as your shoot, especially if you’re going to be buying each image as an additional cost. Ask if there are any unspoken rules that you should know about before the day to avoid any awkward situations.

If my event lasts longer than expected, will you stay?

Timings, despite best efforts, don’t always run on schedule. You want to try and work with a photographer who’s going to be flexible in changes of plan, or time overrunning so not to have to hear a disgruntled huff over your shoulder or be hit with any unexpected extra costs.

Do you provide retouching/editing in your fees?

A quick airbrush here and lightning there is every couple’s prerogative and actually advisable to some degree even if just to make sure the tone of each image is consistent. Find out if this is included in the fee or if this is going to be an added extra.

How and when will you send my images to me?

Following the day, you’ll you’re certain to be painfully eager to get your hands on those all important images. Find out the usual turnaround time for receiving your album and also explore whether it’s possible to arrange a set deadline for this.

Do you have liability insurance?

A mundane question, but an important one all the same. Ascertain whether this professional has liability insurance to cover any unfortunate eventualities.


Prepare to pose, prance and be merry on the day of your wedding, but be sure that your picture-taking companion is one which you can feel comfortable around and trusting in. Bestow these ten key questions as well as any additions you see fit for your requirements and you’ll find your perfect partner in no time!




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